Nexton’s Hwy 17A & Brighton Park Boulevard Entry Monolith Sign

Skills Needed: Construction

Categories: Commercial Construction

Project Description

A 30,000-pound monolithic slab of granite was created for Nexton’s Highway 17A and Brighton Park Boulevard entrance sign. CNT was recruited because of their ability to provide turnkey solutions and their experience with sub surface soils.

About Nexton

Nexton’s location and scale made it the next logical step of growth for metro Charleston and one of the region’s most important employment centers. Newland Communities has brought in the best local and national talent to help us create a new model for town-building, weaving together new homes, office and retail space to form a tight-knit community. One that looks forward and back, combining the latest ideas for connectivity and efficiency with the wisdom of Charleston’s inspired, walkable cityscape and historic neighborhoods. Where the community itself plays an active support role for businesses and residents. Improving productivity. Simplifying and enriching everyday life. And where everything about the place is designed to help people feel more connected. To the various parts of their lives. To each other. To the Lowcountry. And to the rest of the world.

Project Challenges

IRG Sign Company was brought in to handle the design and engineering of this Monolithic Sign. This project was scheduled for late 2015 with construction beginning in May 2017. Sub surface conditions and geotechnical exploration revealed unsuitable soils to carry the design load, which was a combination of clays and deep organic molds to secure the monument’s stability.

How Our Product Helped

CNT chose to use a schedule 40 x 2 7/8 shaft pipes with our patented single 14 inch Helix to a depth of 45 ft. embedding in the layer, locally known as the Cooper River Marl. Once the piles were installed, CNT installed reinforced steel and poured the finished concrete to make the connecting the pile cap. With the assistance of Limehouse and Sons Crane services, CNT erected this monolithic slab of Granite, for an impressive end result which represents the Nexton Brand.